Friday, March 16, 2007

Ninja, Review for RORR

Ninja by Racy Li

Loose ID

Liz Blackwell, leads a double life. The face she shows the world is all attorney but in her spare time she helps the FBI. The new world is full of superheroes, demons and secret spies all tangled up in a web of organized crime.

Kent Alistair is an ex-dotcom exec who seems happy as Liz’s secretary – the one she thinks is a geek. Ninja is the fantasy superhero who rescued her from the bad guys. He’s the one she wants to get all hot and sweaty with.

Will she discover that Ninja and Kent are one and the same? Or will the game of deceit they are both playing be their undoing?

Ninja by Racy Li is hot, hot, hot. Whew. Did I say it was hot? Kent Alistair is like a future combination of Spiderman and Superman (he’s even named Kent) with martial arts and mystic thrown into the mix. He’s hot. Yes, ok, everything about this book is hot.

From the very start we are aware that this is going to be a very sexual, sensual read. Thankfully, there is a plot in between all the sex scenes and a pretty darned good one at that. Although, trying to keep track of the various sides (who was a good guy and who was not) did get a bit confusing at times. The only other thing that bothered me, and it wasn’t a huge thing, was the whole lift up Ninja’s mask and kiss him on the mouth scene reminiscent of that of Spiderman and Mary Jane. Plus, just as with those superhero movies, I have a hard time believing a mask would keep anyone from figuring out that the hero is really mild mannered “enter name here”. However, I choose to believe Ms. Li was going for the old-fashioned superhero effect and she nailed it.

If you are looking for a kick butt, sexy rompin’ read with a superhero who is rock hard (yes, I said that!) then snap up Ninja by Racy Li – you won’t be disappointed. Ms. Li has created an interesting world that I’m eager to learn more about. I suspect we will be seeing more of Metrocity and Ms. Li.

I give it 4 Ayres